A pressure washing business is one of the best ways to earn extra cash during the spring and summer seasons. This type of business is ideal for college students or those who need a flexible schedule. However, you should be aware that most jobs are one-off, and generating recurring revenue from them is challenging. That is why you should be prepared to invest time and money in marketing your business.

Once you start a pressure washing business, you must buy equipment. Pressure washers can be costly, so you should prepare a budget for your initial expenses. You will also need a vehicle. A pickup truck is a great choice, but vans and trailers are also effective options. Regardless of the car, ensure you have enough storage space for your equipment and supplies.

Next, you should make a business plan. A business plan will help ensure that you take care of all aspects of the pressure washing business. It will help you define the scope of your services, what you are charging, and how you will hire employees. A business plan will also give you a clear road map for running your pressure washing business.

A business plan should address your pressure washing business’s 4Ps (product, price, promotion, and place). Your goal should also include the costs of startup and ongoing operations. You should also estimate the sales and expenses of your business in the next five years. You can also look into funding options to expand your business.

The cost of equipment can vary significantly. The new equipment will cost more than the used equipment. You can purchase used equipment or rent it if you can find a bargain. Also, consider the amount of money you can charge per customer and whether your business is profitable. Ensure that your overhead expenses are within seven to ten percent of your total sales range.

The next step is to set up a legal structure for your business. This can make setting up your pressure washing business a lot easier. A limited liability company (LLC) allows you to have limited liability and limit the number of owners. It also allows for easy management and easy taxation. Moreover, an LLC is inexpensive and easy to start and run.

You should get the necessary permits and licenses before starting your business. It would help if you also had the appropriate insurance. It is advisable to hire a business lawyer if you need any assistance with this.

You should also contact your city or county clerk for additional information. The business license and insurance requirements may be different from state to state. You may also need to obtain a sales tax license. In addition, some states require you to get an enviro permit.

In addition to having the required permits, you must register your business with the local government. You may need to obtain a business license and an EIN. You should also get a general liability insurance policy if you face any problems.