Deck Maintenance Novi MI

The deck of your home is a great place to host friends and family, especially during warm summer, whether you’re eating outside or just relaxing with some reading. Whether your deck is made up of ironwood, redwood, or fiberglass, you don’t know how much this deck has aged since it was built. It’s time for your old deck to get some new life. We know that you’re looking at this page because your deck needs to be rejuvenated. The choice is yours. You can either rely on our professional deck maintenance services or take care of it with some DIY tricks. When you see a loose deck railing, it’s time for emergency repairs. Simple neglect of this issue could lead to more severe consequences. Suppose the damage occurs over time due to natural elements such as rain or snow. In that case, there’s no need to worry because Deck Maintenance Company Novi, Michigan, specializes in professional deck repairs. We know what needs fixing when your old wood starts getting dulled by weathering & neglect over time.

Deck Maintenance Contractors

Your wooden deck is not only an outdoor space but also prone to damage due to weather effects. If not taken care of properly, these damages can cause more severe health problems such as tetanus or even death. The importance of deck care and maintenance cannot be understated. A poorly maintained outdoor space can quickly turn into an eyesore that is unpleasant to look at and challenging and expensive for homeowners with limited time or resources to take care of all the issues. Reasons why you need a Deck Maintenance Company:

  • Health and Safety – Mold, mildew, and algae growth can be severe health hazards. However, if properly maintained, your deck will become an inviting place to relax in the sun.
  • Deck Lifespan – Regular maintenance is a must if you want your deck to last long and serve everyone its best.
  • Property Value – A poorly maintained one will decrease its value and appeal, while a well-maintained deck improves it significantly.

With our decade-long experience in the industry, you can rest assured that Deck Maintenance Company Novi, Michigan, is an expert in deck maintenance. We are fully licensed and bonded. Our experts have been providing top-quality deck maintenance services for over ten years at an affordable cost. 

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Low Maintenance Decking Service

Composite decking provides a cost-effective way to create an outdoor living space without sacrificing comfort or quality. These boards are made of wood fibers and plastics, meaning they don’t need restaining or sealing. These materials make these decks less maintenance than natural wood. You can get them in different colors to match your home’s exterior design and style. Some other low-maintenance decking materials are fiber cement decking, Pressure-treated wood, modified wood, and aluminum decking.

Installing a new deck is expensive. But you can greatly extend its lifespan by taking advantage of our affordable and regular maintenance services. Call us now.

Cedar Deck Maintenance

Cedarwood is an excellent material for decks. It’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks, so it can last 15-20 years without needing much maintenance. The natural oils in this type of tree protect against moisture absorption so that you won’t have problems with warping or splitting compared to other kinds, like composite board products made from plastic.

Maintaining your Cedar deck is key to its longevity and beauty. But sometimes, it is daunting and can cost a lot of your time. That is why we are offering our cedar deck maintenance services for you to free up more of your time. If you are looking for a deck maintenance company near me, Deck Maintenance Company Novi, Michigan, is here for you to take care of all your needs. Our team of experts can do everything for you, whether your deck is painted or not. They can power wash, stain, or refinish your boards to give them that brilliant look you want. Call us today and compare our quote to other companies.

Ipe Wood Maintenance

The high density of Ipe decking makes it so tough that even class A fire won’t do any damage. Even if it is the hardest and most commercially available wood in the world, it also needs your TLC. It needs to be appropriately maintained. Ipe decks have an advantage over plastic or composite decks because they are natural and can easily be returned to their original condition. 

There are many ways to maintain Ipe decks, but you must do things correctly for them not only to last longer than expected but also to look better. For example, neglecting to oil your board and allowing the excess liquid runoff onto other surfaces will cause dark brown residue, which discolors over time while cracking may develop if left unaddressed.

Contact the professionals at Deck Maintenance Company Novi for all your decking needs. With over ten years of experience and a commitment to excellence, you can trust us for any job, big or small. We specialize in maintenance services ranging from general cleaning & upkeep, sealant application, and wood preservation treatments such as polyurea coating, which protects against water damage while adding beauty to your deck.

Under Deck Maintenance

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about rain or sunburn, there’s a solution that may be perfect for your needs. Under decking, this system can provide an excellent shelter from bad weather and offer protection against it by collecting rainwater on its surface. The best material for an underdeck is aluminum because it is easier to install, has less maintenance, has more color options, and can withstand weather changes.

The maintenance and repair of a deck are just as crucial to its functionality and safety. With regular, affordable maintenance of our beautiful outdoor living spaces, we may prevent fading or decay that leads to too much wear-and-tear on materials like wood which could result from heavy rains. The best way to avoid significant reconstruction projects is by addressing any issues before they arise. Contact Deck Maintenance Company Novi, Michigan. If you have any decking problems, our team is ready to help anytime.