A handyman is someone who does repairs and maintenance for homes. They usually start as a helper and work their way up to supervisory positions. Some handymen also start their businesses after gaining enough experience. Most handymen learn on the job, while others learn from formal training. Some go to trade school or shadow an experienced handyman. Either way, it is essential to have the proper education and experience for the job.

Handymen must have problem-solving skills, as they are expected to spot problems during a project. For example, they must be able to fix broken tools. They must also be physically fit and have a high level of stamina. Moreover, they must be able to work around the clock and respond to emergencies.

Handymen perform repairs and maintenance in homes and businesses, often in different settings and under various weather conditions. Many of them work full-time, but some may work overtime. Depending on the job, a handyman may need to work outdoors or in crawl spaces. They must be able to lift heavy objects and use power tools. They also must stay up-to-date on new trends and technologies.

In addition to repairs, handymen must know how to repair sheetrock and general carpentry. Some handymen work in industrial settings, such as factories, but their jobs often require a high knowledge of OSHA regulations. They also must know safety procedures and health and safety standards.

The income potential for a handyman increases as experience increases. Experienced handymen can develop a large clientele and cultivate a reputable reputation. Increasing home construction and repair will also drive the demand for handyman services. They typically set their rates. With the proper training and experience, a handyman can earn more than they would if a company was employing them.

The image of the handyman has permeated popular culture. For example, Elvis Presley recorded a song about a handyman in 1964, and Del Shannon made a film about him in 1977. Other popular movies and television series feature handymen in a positive light. An American television show titled Home Improvement features a handyman in a comical setting.