Landscaping professionals offer various services, from lawn care to general garden maintenance. These services range from mowing to trimming shrubs and removing dead leaves and branches. They can also install lighting and walking paths. Some landscaping companies even offer hardscapes, which include installing new sod and edging beds. Other services may include installing irrigation systems, building a water feature, and planting perennials and shrubs.

Whether you need help setting up a new flower bed or you’d like to design a whole new garden, landscapers can make your dreams a reality. They can help you select plants that thrive in your climate and zone and even help you with all the necessary paperwork. A landscaper can also help you create a seasonal display to enhance your garden’s beauty.

Some landscapers also specialise in lighting, so if you need a new holiday decoration for your yard, you can trust a landscaper to take care of it. These professionals can even rig up unique lighting displays for your yard. They can also help you with your gardening duties, including feeding and watering your plants when you’re away.

Landscaping services are also crucial for businesses, especially in cold weather. They need to keep their properties looking beautiful, and landscaping can help them do this. In the US, there are 42 landscaping companies. This industry is growing, and these companies are taking advantage of the need to beautify their space.

Landscaping services include lawn care, fertilization, sod replacement, weed control, and seeding. Landscaping companies are customer-oriented, so their designs must meet the requirements of their customers. Knowing what to expect before hiring landscapers to perform these services is essential.

Landscaping companies provide a wide range of services to new and existing homeowners. Whether you have a large or small lawn, a landscaping company can make it look beautiful. They can also help you manage your lawn’s irrigation system and help with tree pruning. In addition to lawn care, these companies can offer fall and spring cleanup, edging, and mulching.

In addition to mowing, mulching, and installing new grass, landscapers can help you with tax-related issues. Landscaping services are taxable unless they are exempt from sales tax. Landscapers must register with the state and have a valid Certificate of Authority.